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In Service Apparatus

The Westport Fire Department Fleet is comprised of several different types of emergency response vehicles. They range widely in use from fire suppression, medical rescue to water rescue and recovery. They are further categorized with the designation “front-Line” or “reserve”. Front-line apparatus is the first to respond to emergencies, while reserve apparatus is used when responding to multiple simultaneous calls, large-scale incidents, or when front-line apparatus is out of service for repairs or maintenance.

Engines are the primary response apparatus for fires in structures. Engines carry water, hose, water pump, ground ladders, air packs and a variety of tools. Due to a lack of fire hydrants in this community, most of our engines carry large amounts of water relative to engines in communities with a municipal water system. The apparatus listed below are listed first with the units type and numerical designation (Engine 1). Then we list the year of manufacture followed by the chassis manufacturer and then the fire apparatus manufacturer (2005 Freightliner/Crimson). They are further designated with 2 numbers, the first number is the pump size or gallons per minute capacity and the second number is the size of the water tank in gallons. (1250/1800)
Engine 1.jpg

Engine 1

2005 Freightliner/Crimson 1250/1800

2005 Freightliner Tanker/Pumper. Engine 1 carries 1800 gallons of water and has a 1250 Gallons Per Minute (GPM) pump. The truck is equipped with firefighting hose and equipment and is primarliy used to shuttle water to fire scenes.


Engine 2

1997 Freightliner/KME1250/1200

Engine 2 is housed in the Hix Bridge Road Station. Engine 2 was the first Westport engine to incorporate a Class A foam system to aid in the extinguishment of structure fires. It currently serves as a forestry truck for the south end.

Engine 3.jpg

Engine 3

2013 E-One 1250/1000

2013 E-One Pumper. Carries 1000 gallons of water, with a 1250 GPM pump. The vehicle is equipped with firefighting hose and equipment, as well as the Jaws of Life and other extrication equipment.

Engine 4.jpg

Engine 4

2017 E-One Pumper/1000

2017 E-One Pumper. Carries 1000 gallons of water, with a 1250 GPM pump. The vehicle is equipped with firefighting hose and equipment, as well as the Jaws of Life and other extrication equipment.


Ladder 7

2006 Spartan/Smeal 1500/500. 105’ Steel Aerial

2006 Smeal Fire - Spartan Chassis is classified as a Quint with a 105' Ladder. Ladder 7 carries 500 gallons of water and has a 1500 GPM pump. In addition to firefighting equipment, the vehicle carries vehicle extrication equipment as well. The vehicle was obtained through a federal grant award in 2007.

Forestry 1.jpg

Forestry 1

2000 Ford F550/KME 500

2000 Ford F550 Super Duty. This 4WD truck carries 500 gallons of water, along with forest/brush fire equipment.

Special Operations Unit.jpeg

Special Operations Unit 

2003 Chevrolet/Wheeled Coach

Special Op’s is a reconfigured medical rescue set up to carry a variety of technical and water rescue equipment. The enclosed back provides our rescuers with a warm dry area to change into wetsuits.

Rescue 1.jpg

Medical Rescue 1

2020 Dodge Ram/Horton

Rescue 1 is a 2020 Dodge Ram 5500 with a Horton box. It carries both Basic Life Support (BLS) & Advanced Life Support (ALS) equipment. It is the frontline ambulance for the south end of town.

Rescue 2.jpg

Medical Rescue 2

2023 Ford F 550/Lifeline Box

Rescue 2 is a 2023 Ford F 550 with a Lifeline Box. The vehicle carries both BLS & ALS equipment and is the front line ambulance for the north end of town. Rescue 2 was purchased in 2023 using ARPA funding.

Rescue 3.jpg

Medical Rescue 3 

2018 Dodge Ram 5500/Horton

Rescue 3 is a 2018 Dodge Ram 5500 with a Horton box. The vehicle carries both BLS & ALS equipment. Rescue 3 serves as the reserve rescue.


Gator 1

2017 John Deere ATV

Gator 1 is a 2017 John Deere ATV. This vehicle is equipped for emergency medical responses and allows for quick access to our beaches, farmland and wooded areas.

Jet Ski.jpg

Marine Division

The Westport Fire Department shares the responsibility of protecting 12 square miles of water, including 35 miles of coastline comprised of 3 barrier beaches, two rivers, and several ponds such as the South Watuppa, Sawdy, Devol, Cockeast, and Richmond Ponds. We do this working with the Town’s Harbormaster. We maintain a small fleet of one PWC, a 2008 Kawasaki Ultra LX Jet Ski, with a towable rescue sled.


The Jet Ski allows for rapid deployment to the scene of a rescue swimmer and pilot to aid victims in the water quickly.

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