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Westport CARES

The Westport CARES program provides an opportunity for a friendly well-being check and access to a variety of services for at risk or elderly residents in town. The focus of the visit centers on a needs assessment, medication reconciliation, fall risk and burn prevention program. Free Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors along with safety items such as nightlights and flashlights. In partnership with the American Red Cross, Westport Police Department, Westport Veteran's Services, and Westport Council on Aging, a wide variety of resources are available to you or your loved one to stay safe at home.


The Westport CARES provides in-home safety assessment for Elderly and Disabled residents in the Town of Westport, MA. During a home visit, Firefighters will assess fire and fall safety hazards and make recommendations to client to help empower an independent and safe living environment at home.

Program Benefits:

  • Replace and/or install absent or outdated Smoke/CO detectors

  • Provide flashlights

  • Oven mitts

  • Nightlights

  • File of Life forms

  • Connect clients with resources and make referrals for available program through the town

  • Install reflective street signs (available through the Westport Police Department)

  • Install Supersafe lock boxes for the home

  • Assist with medication list reconcilation

  • Blood pressure screening

This is a free service to eligible residents in town and is funded by a federal grant from the Office of Elder Affairs and the Department of Fire Services. With the CARES program, you can have peace of mind and assurance that your safety devices are in good working order and learn about the various resources available to you.

For more information about our program and to schedule your FREE in-home safety assessment, contact us at 508-636-1110 and press the CARES extension. You can also email at for a more immediate response.


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Westport Cares Request Form

The Westport CARES program is a collaborative outreach program focused on community risk reduction and independent living for seniors and disabled residents in the town of Westport. The goal of the program is to connect seniors with resources needed to empower safe and independent living. The Westport Fire Department provides home safety visits to ensure fire and fall safety hazards are addressed, and provide installation of free smoke and co detectors to Residents who qualify. Residents are also referred to neighboring agencies to better assist with their needs. If you or someone you know maybe interested in this program, please fill out the form below.

* If lives with family, family is responsible for maintaining of home, unless disabled

Are you in need of an urgent visit?
Do they have a disablility?
Do you have working smoke detectors?
Do you have working CO detectors?
Would you like a lockbox?

Thanks for submitting. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response.

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